About Me

I have a strong background in equipment design, test and measurement systems, data analysis, and product development. I received my PhD in Physics in 2013 from UCLA where I led the development of a novel multimodal virtual reality system for small animals. During my graduate career I also designed, built, and ran high-speed imaging systems for applications in neuroscience and particle physics.

My work as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at UCLA is focused on developing an open source platform for imaging large-scale neural activity in awake, freely behaving animals. My responsibilities encompass all aspects of the design and implementation of this system including that electronics, firmware, software, optics, and analysis packages. The current system is already being used across many research labs and is being openly shared at miniscope.org. I am currently working on a set of novel advancements to the system which will continue to expand the reach of modern neuroscience research.

Toward the end of graduate school I co-created Spinpod, a thin motion control unit for taking seamless panoramic photographs and motion time-lapse videos. After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign we continued production and sold Spinpods through our own website along with other e-commerce sites. Spinpod has been shipped to over 40 countries and featured on over 100 tech and blog sites including Mashable, Digital Photography Review, and Gizmag.